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Tema: [Recop] Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation Live Remastering Vol. 1-12

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    Corea del Sur [Recop] Girls' Generation - Girls' Generation Live Remastering Vol. 1-12

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 1

    01. Because I'm A Girl (Tiffany Narration Version)
    02. Waiting (Studio Version)
    03. Because of You (Kelly Clarkson Back-vocal Version)
    04. Running (Vibe7 Bossa Nova Mix)
    05. Wish (Guitar Mix)
    06. Find the Way (Studio Version)
    07. Eetta Eetta Yo (Studio Version)
    08. Don't Let Farewell Come (Studio Version)
    09. Reflection (Studio Version)
    10. Happy Me (Studio Version)
    11. Omona, Prisioner Of Love, Plucky Woman, When It's At Night, Eetta Eetta Yo (Edit Mix)
    12. Password 486, Sk8er Boi, Romantic Cat, & I Don't Know Yet What Love Is (Edit Mix)
    13. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Rock Version)
    14. Wish (Studio Version)
    15. Password 486, Sk8er Boi, Romantic Cat, & I Don't Know Yet What Love Is (Long Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 2

    01. I Love You (Back-Vocal Version)
    02. Beautiful Goodbye (Studio Version)
    03. My Prayer (Studio Version)
    04. Happy me (Studio Version)
    05. Spring Flower (Studio Verson)
    06. Like Yesterday (Studio Version)
    07. Sha Ra La (Back-Vocal Version)
    08. If (Sukira Kiss The Radio 080221 Live Version)
    09. Stickwitu (Jjin Jjan Dae Yo Studio Version)
    10. I'm Your Girl (Valentine TV Live Version)
    11. Only One For Me (Back-Vocal Version)
    12. Miracle (Duet Studio Version)
    13. My Prayer (With BoA Studio Version)
    14. Because Of A Man (Duet Studio version)
    15. If (Duet TV Live Version)
    16. Happy Me (Duet Studio Version)
    17. Kissing You (Kkap Live Mix)
    18. S.E.S. Medley (I'm Your Girl, Dreams Come True, Sha Ra La, Running, I Love You)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 3

    01. A Moment Like This (Studio Version)
    02. For You I Will (Back-Vocal Version)
    03. I Love Rock N Roll (Right Now Version)
    04. Sk8er Boi (Studio Version)
    05. Stupid Cupid (Studio Version)
    06. We Belong Together (Back-Vocal Version)
    07. Lucky (Winner Sosi Version)
    08. Mirror Mirror (Back-Vocal Version)
    09. Can't fight the moonlight (Back-Vocal Version)
    10. Upside Down (Back-Vocal Version)
    11. All I Want for Christmas Is You (Studio Version)
    12. Don't Say You Love Me (Back-Vocal Vesion)
    13. Sometimes (Back-Vocal Version)
    14. Hero (Vox40 Version)
    15. Love Will Show You Everything (Hall Live Version)
    16. Run To You (Studio Live Version)
    17. Reflection (Wide Studio Version)
    18. Stickwitu (Back-Vocal Version)
    19. Because of You (Back-Vocal Version)
    20. I Love Rock N Roll (Studio Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 4

    01. Star (Studio Version)
    02. 사랑은 봄비처럼 이별은 겨울비처럼 (Studio Version)
    03. I'm A Woman Too (HunYang Version)
    04. Butterfly (Studio Version)
    05. As Time Goes By (Back-Vocal Version)
    06. Kiss Me (Studio Version)
    07. Hawaian Couple (Studio Version)
    08. I'm Not Alone (I Can Do it! Version)
    09. Everlasting (Studio Version)
    10. The Letter (Back-Vocal Version)
    11. Happy Me (Studio Version)
    12. Greedy Person (Studio Version)
    13. I Miss You (Studio Live Version)
    14. First Love (Studio Live Version)
    15. Heaven (Madam B Hall-Live)
    16. Everlasting (Duet Hall-Live Version)
    17. Happy Me (ECO Part Version)
    18. Don't Cry (Don't Cry Rain Mix) feat.Shin Dong
    19. Happy Me (TteChang Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 5

    01. Pure (Studio Version)
    02. Again Back To Me (Studio Version)
    03. Milky Way (Studio Version)
    04. We Could've Been Friends (Studio Live Edit Version)
    05. Mom's Diary (Studio Version)
    06. Julian (Short Version)
    07. Hey Hey Hey (Studio Version)
    08. My Man (Studio Edit Version)
    09. A Greeting (Back-Vocal Version)
    10. You Mean Everything to Me (Back-Vocal Version)
    11. Sunflower (Studio Live Version)
    12. Plucky Woman (Studio Version)
    13. I Really Like You (Studio Version)
    14. I Want You And Resent You (FM Studio Version)
    15. 7989 (TV Live Version)
    16. Love Love Love (Astronica Live Extended Mix)
    17. Sunflower (Duet TV Live Version)
    18. Again Back To Me (Duet Studio Version)
    19. Waiting (Studio Version 2.0)
    20. I Really Like You (Just Me Just Me Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 6

    01. I Have A Lover (Studio Version 1.1)
    02. Confession (Back-Vocal Version)
    03. Like Yesterday (Studio Version)
    04. It Collects A Dream (Studio Version)
    05. Can You Hear Me... (Chin Chin Live Version)
    06. Losst In Your Eyes (Studio Version)
    07. Garden In The Air (Studio Version)
    08. NO.1 (TV Live Version)
    09. My Name (TV Live Version 1.1)
    10. Waiting... (Chorus Live Version)
    11. Come On Over Baby (TV Live Version)
    12. T.O.P (TV Live Version)
    13. Fly Me To The Moon (Chocolate 1)
    14. Adult Ceremony (Chocolate 2)
    15. My Lips... Warm Like Coffee (Chocolate 3)
    16. Just A Feeling (Chocolate 4)
    17. Tell Me (Studio Version 1.1)
    18. National Anthem (Stadium Version)
    19. Can You Hear Me... (Duet Stereo Mix)
    20. Like Yesterday (JeTi Duet Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 7

    01. 사랑한다는 흔한 말 (Studio D Version)
    02. Because You Loved Me (Studio Version)
    03. Genie In A Bottle (Studio Version)
    04. 시간이 흐른 뒤 (Studio Version)
    05. 남과 여 (Studio Version)
    06. 오랫동안 (Studio Version)
    07. 아침풍경 (Good-Morning Version)
    08. Kiss Me (Studio Version)
    09. Wannabe (Studio Version)
    10. I Promise (Studio Version)
    11. Bleeding Love (Studio Version)
    12. Sexy Love (Studio Version)
    13. Promise (Studio Live Version)
    14. 그대 돌아오면 (Jam 68 Version)
    15. L-O-V-E (Stage Live Version)
    16. 냉면 (Stage Live Version)
    17. 사랑인걸요 (친친 Live Version)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 8

    01. Good-bye Days (Studio Version)
    02. It's Happy Line (Studio Version)
    03. Skyline (Studio Version)
    04. Let's Count the Kisses with You (Radio D Version)
    05. I Will Write To You (Radio Version)
    06. A Fool Like Me (Radio Version)
    07. Tell Me (Studio Version)
    08. Beautiful Girl & Honey Honey (LaLaLa Live)
    09. Beautiful Restriction (LaLaLa Live)
    10. Sorry Sorry (LaLaLa Live)
    11. Hero (Vox 35 Version)
    12. Gee [Acoustic Rock] (LaLaLa Live)
    13. In Faded Memory (Studio Live Version)
    14. Lost In Your Eyes (Radio Version)
    15. Yesterday's You, Tomorrow's You (Stage Live Edit Version)
    16. Poker Face [Acoustic] (TV Stage Live)
    17. Wannabe (TV Stage Live)
    18. Sweet Dream & Get The Party Started (TV Stage Live)
    19. The Christmas Song (TV Show Live)
    20. Santa Baby (TV Stage Live)
    21. I'll Be There (TV Stage Live)
    22. Dreams Come True (TV Stage Live)
    23. Oh My Love (TV Stage Live)
    24. Now (TV Stage Live)
    25. U-Go-Girl (TV Stage Version)
    26. 3! 4! (TV Stage Live)
    27. In Summer (TV Stage Live)
    28. Tell Me (TV Stage Live Mix)
    29. Hot Issue & Bo Peep Bo Peep (TV Show Live)
    30. Rock U & Pretty Girl (TV Show Live)
    31. This Song, By Collecting My Tears & Don't Forget (TV Show Live)
    32. 1.2.3 (TV Show Live)
    33. If (TV Show Live Mix)

    Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 9

    01. Tiffany-Yuri - Baby Baby [4men] (TV Live Version)
    02. Taeyeon-Tiffany-Jessica-Seohyun - There You'll Be (Hall-Live Version)
    03. Tiffany-Sunny - I Can't (못해) (Studio D Version)
    04. Taeyeon+Lee Juk - A Goose's Dream (거위의 꿈) (Hall-Live Version)
    05. Girls' Generation - Into The New World (다시 만난 세계) (1st Fan Meeting Piano Version)
    06. Taeyeon+Jung Yong Hwa - My Life Would Suck Without You (On Air-Rehearsal Version)
    07. Jessica-Sunny-Yuri-Yoona - Violet Fragrance (보라빛 향기) (Studio Version)
    08. Tiffany-Seohyun-Yoona-Sooyoung-Hyoyeon - If U Seek Amy (TV Live Version)
    09. Girls' Generation - Beautiful World (아름다운 세상) (TV Live Version)
    10. Taeyeon-Jessica et al. - You Raise Me Up (TV Live Version)
    11. Tiffany - By Myself (나 혼자서) (Vocal D Version)
    12. Seohyun+Jung Yong Hwa - Run Devil Run+Love Light (사랑빛) (TV Live Version)
    13. Girls' Generation+Kim Gun Mo - I Love You (사랑해) (TV Live Version)
    14. Taeyeon - National Anthem (애국가) (Stadium Version)
    15. Jessica-Tiffany-Seohyun - Bad Oppa (오빠나빠) (Madam B Hall-Live)
    16. Tiffany-Yuri - Baby Baby [4men] (Remix Version)
    17. Taeyeon+Psy - Beautiful Goodbye 2 (아름다운 이별2) (Studio Mix Version)
    18. Tiffany - Stickwitu (Avant Mix)
    19. Taeyeon+Kim Yeon Woo - Love, the Common Word (사랑한다는 흔한 말) (Chorus Mix)
    20. Taeyeon+IU - In My Fading Memory (바래진 기억에) (Pan-Vocal Stereo Mix)
    21. Jessica - Don't Say You Love Me (Studio Version1.1)
    22. Taeyeon - Spring Flower (꽃피는 봄이오면) (Studio Version 1.1)
    23. Taeyeon - Star (별) (Studio Version 1.1)

    SNSD - Girl's Generation Live Remastering vol.10 Special Christmas

    01 Welcome Christmas
    02 Santa Baby
    03 Kissing You [Carol Version]
    04 When You Wish Upon A Star
    05 O Holy Night
    06 태연 제시카 티파니 서현 - 마법의 성
    07 Winter Wonderland
    08 Christmas Dream (Teenager Dream)
    09 Sway
    11 Last Christmas
    12 Silver Bells
    13 All I Want For Christmas Is You
    14 Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas(2011 Music Core Live)
    15 The Christmas Song (Hall Live Version)
    16 All That Jazz (2011 Radio Star Live)
    17 Part Of Your World (2011 Radio Star Live)
    18 Fame (2011 Radio Star Live)

    SNSD - Girl's Generation Live Remastering vol.11 (2012)

    01 TTS - Crazy In Love (Swing Version)
    02 Tiffany - Bang Bang (with Key/Back -Vocal Mix)
    03 Tae Yeon - Man and Woman (With BSK-Bossa Version)
    04 Tiffany - Call Me Maybe (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    05 Jessica - Someday (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    06 Hyo Yeon-Yuri - I Am (ft. Henry) (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    07 YoonA-Sunny-SooYoung - Marry You (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    08 SeoHyun - Speak Now (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    09 SeoHyun - Sometimes (Romantic Fantasy Live)
    10 Tifany - We Found Love (Piano Version) (Beattles Code Live)
    11 TTS - DJ Got Us Falling In Love (ft. EXO) (12 SMTOWN Live In Seoul version)
    12 SeoHyun - Way Back Into Love (ft. KyuHyun) (11 SMTOWN Live)
    13 Tiffany - A Whole New World (ft. Onew) (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    14 TaeYeon - May Grown Up Christmas List (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    15 SeoHyun - Kiss Me (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    16 Tiffany-Yuri - Intro-Show!SONE core (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    17 Tiffany-Yuri - Ma Boy (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    18 Sunny - Blooming (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    19 Sooyoung - 24 Hours (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    20 Jessica - Miss Korea (Marchen Fantasy Live)
    -Bonus Track-
    21 Girl´s Generation - Can´t Take My Eyes Off You (´13 Girls & Peace Tour Version)
    22 Girl´s Generation - Dancing Queen (Sketch-Book Band Live)
    23 TaeYeon-Tiffany - Lost In Love (Sketch-Book Band Live)

    SNSD - Girls' Generation Live Remastering Album TTS Special (Album 2012)

    01 태연 (Taeyeon) - Take A Bow (Studio Extended Mix)
    02 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS)- Baby Steps (120503 M Countdown Live)*
    03 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - 처음이었죠/Love Sick (120523 2nd-Propose Live)*
    04 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - Mama Do (120523 2nd-Propose Live)
    05 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - Twinkle (120523 2nd-Propose Live)*
    06 태연 (Taeyeon) - Take A Bow (120602 Sketchbook Live)
    07 서현 (Seohyun) - Jack (120602 Sketchbook Live)
    08 티파니 (Tiffany) - Rolling In The Deep (120602 Sketchbook Live)
    09 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - Cater 2 U (120602 Sketchbook Live Fan Cam Version)
    10 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - Library (120525 Korea Univ Live Fan Cam Version)
    11 소녀시대-태티서+EXO (TTS+EXO) - DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love (120609 SM Taiwan Live Fan Cam Version)
    12 소녀시대-태티서+스윗소로우 (TTS+Sweet Sorrow) - 바나나송/Banana Song (120507 Radio Edit)
    13 태연-티파니-백아연 (TaeNy+Baek AhYeon) - Lady Marmalade (120422 K-Pop Star Live V-Version)
    14 서현 (Seohyun) - 오리날다/Flying Duck (120614 KMW Google Live)
    15 소녀시대-태티서 (TTS) - Cater 2 U (Storch Remix Version)

    SNSD - Girl's Generation Live Remastering vol.12 (2012)

    01.Moonlight (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    02.Friday (Birthday Party Live) (Inst. Mix) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    03.Wind Blows (Birthday Party Live) (Inst. Mix) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    04.Right There (Radio Live) - Tiffany (SNSD)
    05.Goodbye (Sketch Book Band Live) - SNSD (Girls' Generation)
    06.Only U (Sketch Book Band Live) - Taetiseo
    07.Cater 2 U (2014 Sketch Book Band Live) - Taetiseo
    08.Ma Boy (Radio Stage Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD) , Sunny (SNSD)
    09.Three (Radio Live) - Sunny (SNSD)
    10.All My Love Is For You (Acoustic Ver.) (2014 Love&Peace Tour Live) - SNSD (Girls' Generation)
    11.DIVINE (Tokyo Dome Live) - SNSD (Girls' Generation)
    12.Into The New World (Ballad Ver.) (Tokyo Dome Live) - SNSD (Girls' Generation)
    13.Stand Up For Love - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    14.Love And War (TV Show Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD) , Tiffany (SNSD)
    15.Almost Is Never Enough - Tiffany (SNSD) , Henry Lau (Super Junior M)
    16.The Reason I Became A Singer (Birthday Party Live)= - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    17.Lost Stars (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    18.Wild Flower (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    19.Fate (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    20.Friday (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    21.Hug Me (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    22.And One (Birthday Party Live) - Tae Yeon (SNSD)
    23.Cater 2 U(2014 Sketch Book Band Live) (Accapella Ver.) - Taetiseo

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 1-8

    este thread es oro puro, diamantes, petroleo con chispitas de oro y pequeños diamantes nose como clasificarlo xDDD

    ya me las estoy bajando todas

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    DIOSSS como se escucha esto *-* ya me baje el primero, se escuchan excelentes los condenados

    y cuando los veía en youtube se oían horribles Dx

    thx a lot.

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    Gracias oscrd, por comentar de como es el sonido.
    Asi que por tu comentario,me lo voy a bajar.
    Se agradece con todo el corazon a mieko,por subir todos estos dicos.espeo que lo complete

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    Gee [Acoustic Rock] (LaLaLa Live)

    esta versión es dios, la produjeron zeuz y odin.

    las dos mitologías se unieron para crear esa obra maestra.

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    Cita Iniciado por jessiss5o1 Ver mensaje
    me lei los comentarios y ya pintaba que me los descagaba todos
    Hasta que me amargaste

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    Predeterminado Respuesta: SNSD - Girls Generation Live Remastering Vol. 1-8

    Alguien los tendrá disponibles por un servidor que no sea megaupload

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    Recopilación actualizada, volúmenes del 1 al 10, gracias a kahlan1.


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    ¿Cuando subiras el Ultimo SNSD - Girl's Generation Live Remastering vol.12?

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    Hola @littleTomboy, tanto el 12 como el TTS Special ya están publicados, había un error en los links que llevaban a la ficha, ya los he reparado. Qué las disfrutes.

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