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Tema: What is your opinions about covid?

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    Predeterminado What is your opinions about covid?

    Hello again . Can we talk about covid? I am of the opinion that this is not a pandemic. And you? Greetings Guci

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    (Como siempre me meteré en camisa de once varas, pero mi senilidad me empuja a ello)

    You don't think it is a pandemic because it has not spread in such a way that it can be considered that way?

    Or are you a denier of the phenomenon?

    Now, if the statement refers to technical issues of what number and circumstances are required to be considered a pandemic, I do not have the necessary knowledge to comment on it.

    If it is the second option, the rules of courtesy and respect in this forum prevent me from responding to the topic. Everyone has the right to think freely, even those who claim that the earth is flat, but there are some issues like this where hundreds of thousands of people have died that deserve, precisely, respect.

    Please forgive my poor, ugly English because I'm a Spanish speaker.

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