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Tema: TimeZ - Hurray For Idols (MV 2012)

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    China TimeZ - Hurray For Idols (MV 2012)

    TimeZ - Hurray For Idols (MV 2012)


    Finally, Official music video of TimeZ, the six-member global boy group has been revealed!

    TimeZ was planned 2 years ago throughout the co-production and co-investment of South Korea's CJ E&M and China's Super Jet Entertainment. This global boy group consists of four Chinese members and two Korean members.
    Last Thursday (10.18), they had a successful debut with 'hurray for idols' through Mnet M!COUNTDOWN. And it brought many laughs into audiences when Lee Hong Gi, one of members of FTIsland imitated their key dance move of 'hurray for idols'.

    The title song which was revealed last Thursday (10.18), "hurray for idols" is cheerful and bright dance music and it implies that idols live solely for their fans are the best. Moreover, it has its own features; it has a simple melody that everyone can easily sing along the lyric of the song especially chorus, '만만세(man-man-se)'. This chorus sounds very friendly even if it is Chinese.
    The same day when TimeZ had official debut, their title song simultaneously revealed in both South Korea and China ranked 43th and even beat down Maroon5 in Mnet music chart. It is the exceptional situation that the song in foreign language has been positioned in 50th in Mnet music chart. TimeZ has consistently attracted the attention of the public.

    Prior to their official debut on the 18th, individual teaser clips of each member will be simultaneously revealed in both Korea and China starting from the 8th.

    Name: Mao Ruo Yi
    Birth date: November 16, 1995
    Height/Weight: 178cm / 65kg
    Position: Rap, Dance

    Name: Liu Guan Xi
    Birth date: April 10, 1994
    Height/Weight: 175cm / 55kg
    Position: Vocal, Dance

    Name: Kim Seong Hwan
    Birth date: August 10, 1993
    Height/Weight: 180cm / 64kg
    Position: Dance, Vocal

    Name: Lee Hyung Joo
    Birth date: March 5, 1991
    Height/Weight: 178cm / 56kg
    Position: Vocal, Dance

    Name: Tian Yi Chen
    Birth date: August 20, 1990
    Height/Weight: 176cm / 56kg
    Position: Dance, Vocal

    Name: Kong Shu Hang
    Birth date: February 6, 1989
    Height/Weight: 179cm / 60kg
    Position: Leader, Vocal

    Credits: CJ E&M Music

    Youtube 1080p ~ Mega (.mp4)

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