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Tema: License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

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    Japón License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

    License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

    Tras diez años en coma, el joven protagonista despierta de pronto. Trata de reconstruir los vínculos familiares y su propia vida, pero no es fácil... (FILMAFFINITY)

    24-Year old Yutaka wakes up in a hospital room after lying in a coma for ten years. His family is nowhere to be found: his parents have divorced and moved away, his sister is engaged and spends much of her life overseas. They have all made peace with the Yutaka's seemingly inevitable destiny and said their goodbyes long ago. Taking the young man under his wing is non-conformist loner Fujimori (Kurosawa's token leading man Koji Yakusho), an old friend of his father's who runs a fish farm and does assorted clandestine jobs on the side. Fujimori gives him a bed, a job and a crash course in growing up which includes driving lessons and a visit to a prostitute. Yutaka endures it all, sometimes with glee, but mostly with aversion (in which case Fujimori has to literally drag him), his reactions always revealing the mind and perception of a child scared of the daunting task of growing up. Inevitably, his family members start dropping by. His father has left his old life behind and become a traveller. As far as he's concerned, Yutaka is part of that old life and he refuses to take responsibility for his son. His sister comes around every now and then with her dim-witted fiancé (Sho Aikawa in one of those great change-of-pace roles so typical of his collaborations with Kurosawa), but she's too accustomed to her breezy life to stick around for long. The only one Yutaka seems to have any connection with is his mother, even though she too tells him that he should lead his own life.

    Genre............: Drama
    Distributor......: Toshiba
    Year.............: 1998
    Country..........: Japan
    Director.........: Kyoshi Kurosawa

    Source...........: DVD5 Retail
    DVD Format.......: NTSC
    DVD Size.........: DVD5
    Programs used....: ImgBurn - DVDremake, Pgcdemux, Muxman,...

    Screen Format....: Widescreen Anamorph
    Audio Language...: Japanese
    Audio Format.....: DD 2.0
    Subtitles........: English, SPANISH

    Menu.............: [ x ] Untouched, intact.
    Video............: [ x ] Untouched, intact.
    DVD Extras.......: [ x ] Untouched, intact.

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    Predeterminado Re: License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

    Gracias!! me la bajo.

    Debo recordar a todos los de la Zona DVD que:

    NO pedir invitaciones en las fichas. Para eso hay un tema en General DVD.
    NO pedir resubir DVDs por el foro ni fichas. Para ello los trackers tienen sus propios sistemas de resubida.

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    Predeterminado Re: License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

    la bajo tambien, muchas gracias

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    Predeterminado Re: License to Live (1998) NTSC DVD5

    Gracias, la pongo en la largisima cola... ja

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    muchas gracias! petuati

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