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Tema: Vampire Hunter D - Movie Collection - NTSC

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    Japón Vampire Hunter D - Movie Collection - NTSC

    Vampire Hunter D - Movie Collection - NTSC (1985)

    Movie 1985 : beautiful young woman, Doris, has been bitten by Count Magnus Lee for trespassing in his domain while hunting for demons threatening her home. Fearing that her life will be controlled by the Count, Doris hires and offers herself to a man known only as "D", a vampire hunter with a dark past, to hunt down and destroy the Count, end his thirst, and save Doris from a life of eternal damnation. Movie 2000 : In the far distant future, vampires rule the night. But because of the fearless bounty hunters, their numbers dwindle. One such is D, a half-breed born of a human mother and a vampire father. He is hired by a father-son team to retrieve Charlotte, a lovely young lady, who was abducted by the vampire Meier Link. However, they also hired the Marcus Brothers for competition. In a race against time and across the lands, D and the Brothers fight their way through demons and monsters to save the woman, and slowly begin to suspect that she wasn't taken against her will...and that another threat looms in the distance...

    Genre............: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Romance, Science Fiction, Supernatural.
    Distributor......: (The DVD distributor)
    Year.............: 1985 / 2000
    Country..........: Japan
    Director.........: Movie 1985 : Toyoo Ashida
    Movie 2000 : Yoshiaki Kawajiri

    Source...........: DVD9 Retail
    DVD Format.......: NTSC
    DVD Size.........: DVD9
    Programs used....: PgcDemux / MuxMan / VobBlanker / DVD Shrink
    Video Bitrate....:
    Screen Format....: Fullscreen
    Audio Language...: English / Japanese
    Audio Format.....: Movie 1985 - English DD 5.1, Japanese DD 2.0
    Movie 2000 - English DD 5.1, Japanese DD 5.1
    Subtitles........: English, Spanish

    Menu.............: [x] Untouched, intact.
    [ ] Stripped.

    Video............: [x] Untouched, intact.
    [ ] Re-encoded.

    DVD Extras.......: [x] Untouched, intact.
    [ ] Re-encoded.
    [ ] Stripped.
    [ ] None on source.

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    Predeterminado Re: Vampire Hunter D - Movie Collection - NTSC

    Excelente xjuan, esta no la tengo.
    Se baja.


    Debo recordar a todos los de la Zona DVD que:

    NO pedir invitaciones en las fichas. Para eso hay un tema en General DVD.
    NO pedir resubir DVDs por el foro ni fichas. Para ello los trackers tienen sus propios sistemas de resubida.

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    Yo si y esta muy recomendable, gracias xjuan

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    la tengo en VCD asi que se baja altokemon xD

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