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La música forma parte de la esencia de una serie o una película. ¿Qué haríamos sin ella? Hay para cada momento y para cada gusto.
Las series y películas nos traen canciones que nos emocionan, que nos identifican o que simplemente podemos escuchar mil veces porque nos encantan aunque tal vez ni siquiera sepamos lo que están diciendo.
Celebrando el 13º Aniversario de Asia-Team, les traemos una recopilación desde 2003 hasta la actualidad. Esperamos que la disfruten y revivan momentos de sus series favoritas.



01. Darling - V6 [Kimi wa Petto]
02. 여름향기 (Summer Scent) - Jung In Ho [Summer Scent]
03. 决定爱你 (Decide to Love You) - Vivian Hsu [Love Storm ]
04. 보고싶다 (I Miss You) - Kim Bum Soo [Stairway to Heaven]
05. とまどいながら (Tomadoi Nagara) - Arashi [Yoiko no Mikata]
06. 薄荷キャンディー (Hakka Candy) - KinKi Kids [Moto Kare]
07. 涙の海で抱かれたい (Namida no Umi de Dakaretai) - Southern All Starts
08. 처음 그 날처럼 (The First Time That Day) - Park Yong Ha [All In]
09. キラリ セーラードリーム (Kirari Sailor Dream!) - Sae [Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon]
10. 세상끝까지 (All My Life) - Yi Ji Woo [Let's Go to School Sang-doo!]
11. 첫눈처럼 (At First Sigh) - Park Hyun [One Percent Of Anything]
12. 花都开好了 (Flowers Have Blossomed) - S.H.E [The Rose]
13. Wanna Be - Lee Eun Sun [Thousand Years of Love]


01. Go Beak - Lee Soo Hoon [Temptation of Wolves]
02. I Was Born To Love You - Queen [Pride]
03. 안되겠니 (Why Can't It Be Me) - Cho Eun [What Happened in Bali]
04. 눈의 꽃 (Snow Flower) - Park Hyo Shin [I'm Sorry, I Love You]
05. 운명 (Destiny) - Why [Full House]
06. Shining - Cosmo [Love Contract]
07. So in love - Kim Jung Woon [Love Story In Harvard]
08. Zero - Ke You Lun (Alan) [Mars]
09. 세상에서 가장 슬픈 말 (The Saddest Words In The World) - Na Yoon Kwon [Prince's First Love]
10.보라빛향기 (Violet Fragance) - Click-B [100 Days With Mr.Arrogant ]
11. Say Yes - Marry M [My Sister-in-Law is 19]
12. 사랑하고 있어요 (I'll Love You) - Kim Sun Ah [S Diary]
13. From - PB's [My Tutor Friend]


01. 青春アミーゴ (Seishun Amigo) - Shuji to Akira [Nobuta Wo Produce]
02. Not Brave Enough - VJ [Prince Turns Into Frog]
03. 자유로와 (I Am Free) - Jiny [Delightful Girl Choon-Hyang]
04. 사랑은 힘든가봐 (Love Can Be Hard) - Lee Ji Soo [My Girl]
05. Green Rose - Just [Green Rose]
06. Road to Me - Seo Joon [Hello My Teacher]
07. ファンタスティポ (Fantastipo) - Toraji Haiji [(Fantastipo]
08. Say U Love Me - Jason & Lara [It Started With a Kiss]
09. Enticing Trick - 183 Club [Prince Turns Into Frog]
10. No More Cry - D-51 [Gokusen 2]
11. 더 이상 (No More) - HowL [A Love to Kill]
12. Brave Happiness - Sweety [Green Forest, My Home]
13. WISH - Arashi [Hana Yori Dango]


01. Perhaps Love - J & HowL [Goong]
02. OH PRETTY WOMAN - Kimura Kaela [Attention Please!]
03. 僕らの街で (Bokura no Machi de) - KAT-TUN [Tatta Hitotsu No Koi]
04. 사랑할 수밖에 (Join In Love) - Lee Hyun Woo [Exhibition of Fireworks]
05. 宙船 (Sorafune) - TOKIO [My Boss, My Hero]
06. Miracle - M to M [What Star Did You Come From?]
07. Maria - Kim Ah Joong [200 Pounds Beauty]
08. アオゾラペダル (Aozora Pedal) - Arashi [Honey and Clover]
09. 괜히 나만 미워해 (Don't Hate Me) - Venny [Fantasy Couple]
10. Cannonball - Damien Rice [Spring Waltz]
11. Perfect Lover - 183 Club [The Magicians of Love]
12. Jerk - Yida Huang [Devil Beside You]
13. Good Lady - Eru [The Vineyard Man]


01. Love so sweet - Arashi [Hana Yori Dango 2]
02. Fly Again - Byul [9 End 2 Outs]
03. 나만나만 (Only Me Only Me) - Paran [I Am Sam]
04. イケナイ太陽 (Ikenai Taiyou) - Orange Range [Hanazakari no Kimitachi e]
05. We can make it! - Arashi
06. 운명의 장난 (The Destiny's Amusement) - MC Truth [Witch Amusement]
07. Superb - Fahrenheit [The X-Family]
08. H.I.T - SuperJunior [H.I.T]
09. Keep the faith - KAT-TUN [Yukan Club]
10. 明日晴れるかな (Ashita Hareru Kana) - Keisuke Kuwata [Proposal Daisakusen]
11. Miracle - HowL [Goong S]
12. Why Why Love - Kingone Wang [Why Why Love]
13. White Love Story - As One [Coffee Prince]


01. truth - Arashi [Maou]
02. Love ft. Humming Urban Stereo - Maybee, HowL [Love & Marriage]
03. 太陽のナミダ (Taiyou no Namida) - NEWS [Kurosagi]
04. Over The Rain ~Bridge of Light~ - flumpool
05. 그게 사랑이야 (That Love) - JOO [One Mom and Three Dads]
06. 화신 (A Flower's Letter) - Park Hyo Shin [Iljimae]
07. Waiting For You - F4 [Wish To See You Again]
08. 푸른별 (Blue Star) - Kim Hyun Jung [Hong Gil Dong]
09. 운명을 거슬러 (Reverse Fate) - Kim Jong Wook (SG Wannabe) [East of Eden]
10. Lalala...Love Song - As One [Worlds Within]
11. 九十九次我爱他 (I Love Him 99 Times) - Yuan Ruo Lan [Fated to Love You]
12. 사랑꽃 Ⅱ (Love Flower) - Dr Core 911 [La Dolce Vita]
13. LIPS - KAT-TUN [1 Pound no Fukuin]


01. Rescue - KAT-TUN [RESCUE]
02. 내 머리가 나빠서 (Because I'm Stupid) - SS501
03. 웃어요 (Smile) - Jung Jin Hwan [Smile, You]
04. Hot Stuff - Davichi [My Fair Lady]
05. 一切為了愛 (All For Love) - Victor Wong [Autumn's Concerto]
06. 꿈꾸는 히어로 (Dreaming Hero) - Super Junior KRY [Partner]
07. 미련한 사랑 (Foolish Love ft. So Ji Sub) - Choi Hyun Joon (V.O.S) [Cain and Abel]
08. My Sunshine - ROCK'A'TRENCH [Mei-chan no Shitsuji]
09. 약속 (Promise) - A.N.JELL [You're Beautiful]
10. 사랑할 줄은 몰랐어 (I Didn't Know That I'd Fall In Love) - V.O.S [Creating Destiny]
11. Believe - Arashi [Yatterman]
12. イチブトゼンブ (Ichibu to Zenbu) - B'z [Buzzer Beat]
13. 无赖正义 (Rogue Justice) - Color, Mark Zhao [Black & White]


01. Kiss Kiss Kiss - Pink Toniq [Playful Kiss]
02. Love Rainbow - Arashi [Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku]
03. 太陽なんていらねえ (NaNaNa) - TOKIO [Unubore Deka]
04. Super Star - Han Seung Yeon [Marry Me, Mary!]
05. 널 사랑한다 (I Love You) - Park Hyo Shin [Athena: Goddess of War ]
06. 就想赖着你 (Down With You) - Jerry Yan [Down With Love]
07. 키스해줄래 (Kiss Me) - G.NA [Playful Kiss]
08. 너 아니면 안돼 (It Has To Be You) - Yesung [Cinderella's Sister]
09. Love Yourself - KAT-TUN [Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge]
11. 나타나 (Appear) - Kim Bum Soo [Secret Garden]
12. 듣죠… 그대를 (Listen... to You) - Kyuhyun (Super Junior) [Pasta]
13. 가시꽃 (Thorn Flower) - Jung Yup


01. 드림하이 (Dream High) - Suzy (Miss A), JOO, Wooyoung, Taecyeon (2PM), IU [Dream High]
02. Journey - TVXQ [Paradise Ranch]
03. 바보야 (It's a Fool) - Postmen [Can You Hear My Heart]
04. Thump Thump - Pitapat - Sunny Hill
05. A Place Left For You - Yoochun (JYJ) [Miss Ripley]
06. 넌 내게 반했어 (You've Fallen For Me) - Jung Yong Hwa (C.N. Blue) [Heartstrings]
07. 迷宮ラブソング (Meikyuu Love Song) - Arashi [Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de]
08. promise - A.N.JELL [Ikemen desu ne]
09. 내겐 너니까 (Who You Are To Me) - Hyorin (Sistar) [Man of Honor]
10. ツブサニコイ (Tsubusa ni Koi) - Kanjani8 [Zenkai Girl]
11. 우리 그냥 사랑하게 해주세요 (Let Us Just Love) - A Pink [Protect the Boss]
12. 華麗的獨秀 S.O.L.O]) - Super Junior M [Skip Beat!]
13. So Goodbye - Jonghyun (SHINee) [City Hunter]


01. ワイルドアットハート (Wild at Heart) - Arashi [Lucky Seven]
02. All For You - Seo In Guk, Jung Eun Ji (A Pink) [Answer Me 1997]
03. Carry On - ALi [Faith]
04. Super Star - Park Ji Yeon (T-ara), Hyorin (Sistar), Ailee [Dream High 2]
05. 굿바이데이 (Goodbye Day) - Ulala Session
06. 나의 비밀스런 꿈 (My Secret Dream) - Yoon Do Hyun [Arang and the Magistrate]
07. High High - Kim Tae Woo [A Gentleman's Dignity]
08. 해피엔딩 (Happy Ending) - Jay Park [Rooftop Prince]
09. 不要不要 (Do Not Do) - Genie Zhuo [Office Girls]
10. 달빛이 지고 (Moonlight is Setting) - Heora [Moon That Conceals the Sun]
11. WANNA BEEEE!!! - Kis-My-Ft2 [BeginnerS!]
12. Add Fuel to Fire - Yen-J [Love, Now]
13. 花 えがお (Hana Egao) - Hey! Say! 7 [Sprout]


01. 에코 (Echo) - Every Single Day [I Hear Your Voice ]
02. 가시사랑 (Thorn Love) - 4Men [Empress Ki]
03. Hey U Come On - 5urprise [After School Luck or Not]
04. New World - Every Single Day [Miss Korea]
05. 레디메리Go! (Ready-Merry-Go!) - Romantic Punch [Flower Boy Next Door]
06. 사랑한 데이 (Day) - Cha Yeo Wool [A Tale of Two Sisters]
07. 말이야 (I'm Saying...) - Lee Hong Ki (F.T. Island) [Heirs]
08. Promise - Evan Yo, Jiro Wang & Pets Tzeng [Fabulous Boys]
09. 그대와 함께 (With You) - B1A4 [Answer Me 1994]
10. アップデート (Appudeto) - Sabão [Itazura na Kiss ~ Love in Tokyo]
11. シャレオツ (Shareotsu) - SMAP [Dokushin Kizoku]
12. Good Morning, Hard City - Adrian Fu [In A Good Way]
13. FACE to Face - KAT-TUN [Ore Ore]


01. Liar - Dear Cloud [Liar Game]
02. Secret - Yoon Sung Ki [My Secret Hotel]
03. อาบน้ำร้อน (A Hot Bath) - BIGASS [Hormones 2]
04. 心爱的 (Beloved) - Genie Zhuo, Alien Huang [Just You]
05. The Wind's Promise - Zhang Han
06. 우리가 꿈꾸는 세상 (The World We Dream) - Yoo Seung Chan [Shining Romance]
07. 연애는 이제 그만 (Stop The Love Now) - Ben [Marriage without Dating]
08. 마녀의 일기 (Witch's Diary) - Spica [Witch's Love]
09. 들어와 (Come Inside) - Lee Jae Jin (F.T. Island) [Bride of the Century]
10. 내 나이가 어때서 (What's Wrong With My Age) - Hong Jin Young [Glorious Day]
11. Tanin No Kankei ft. SOIL&PIMP SESSIONS - Hitoto Yu [Hirugao]
12. 궁금해 (I'm Curious) - Yook Sungjae (BTOB), Oh Seung Hee [Plus Nine Boys]
13. Bittersweet - Arashi [Shitsuren Chocolatier]


01. 我們青春 (Our Youth) - Dino Lee [Our Times]
02. 한 걸음 더 (One More Step) - Kihyun (MONSTA X) [She Was Pretty]
03. 환청 (Hallucinations ft. NaShow) - Jang Jae In [Kill Me, Heal Me]
04. 파라다이스 (Paradise) - Davink [Falling for Innocence]
05. 잘못된 만남 (Wrong Meeting) - Honey G [Twenty Again]
06. 나성에 가면 (If You're Going to LA) - Jay Hoon, Effect Kim [My Daughter, Geum Sa-Wol]
07. 거북이 날다 (Turtle Fly) - Jadu [Sassy, Go Go]
08. Thank U - K.Will [Warm and Cozy]
09. On the Wings of Love - Kyla - [On the Wings of Love]
10. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now - Daniel Padilla & Morissette Amon [Crazy Beautiful You]
11. I Want to Be Your Important Person - Ramita Mahapreukpong [I Wanna Be A Sup'tar]
12. Diamond Lover - Rain [Diamond Lover ]
13. Beautiful Lady - Jonghyun (SHINee) [Oh My Venus]


01. 회상 (Recall) - Jang Beom June [Signal]
02. Swing Magic - ROO [Madame Antoine]
03. 다시 (Again) - Noel [Come Back, Mister]
04. The King - VIXX [Moorim School]
05. ヒカリノシズク (Drop of Light) - NEWS [Kasa wo Motanai Aritachi wa]
06. ALWAYS - t Yoonmirae [Descendants of the Sun]
07. 오 마이 비너스 (Oh My Venus) - Snuper [Oh My Venus]
08. 두근두근 러브 (Pounding Love) - CLC [Choco Bank]
09. Everytime - Chen (EXO), Punch [Descendants of the Sun]
10. 어쩌면 좋아 (Maybe I Like You) - Cosmos Hippie [Cheese in the Trap]
11. 외줄타기 (Tightrope) - Eluphant [Neighborhood Hero]
12. 내 맘은 어디에 두죠 (Where Is My Heart) - Kyuhyun (Super Junior) [One More Happy Ending]
13. 나는 너를 (I Will Forget You) - Jung Cha Sik [Signal]



2003 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/e8daf1hif7fat19/CD01_-_2003.rar) / 2004 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/tioc29377wpvbmf/CD02+-+2004.rar) / 2005 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/46u429px3xof984/CD03_-_2005.rar) / 2006 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/5ycqb3c2z6laic9/CD04_-_2006.rar) / 2007 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/5v4hsj5ivu4ntob/CD05+-+2007.rar) / 2008 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/r9a929bg1r4aip3/CD06_-_2008.rar) / 2009 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/8xk8dolfbhce771/CD07_-_2009.rar)
2010 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/8942ljdq8jrvbp6/CD08_-_2010.rar) / 2011 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/ddka36b623p1wpx/CD09_-_2011.rar) / 2012 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/3exx439oz4ykz7k/CD10_-_2012.rar) / 2013 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/44rob3lzz88t7wz/CD11_-_2013.rar) / 2014 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/8l7f5zw4a9v3xx6/CD12_-_2014.rar) / 2015 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/x9mwilfc1gr8ml0/CD13_-_2015.rar) / 2016 (http://www.mediafire.com/download/ca8bsd0qhapj8tn/CD14_-_2016.rar)

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¡Oi que bien! Mira que yo me pierdo en esto de la música asiática porque vengo bien servida 'de casa'...
recopilaciones como esta es justo lo que necesito ¡Gracias! :flowers:

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A recordar series con sus canciones! Muchas gracias por tanto trabajo!

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Qué bonita es siempre la música de series y películas!!
Esta recopilación va a mi carpeta de Ost!
Vaya trabajo tan bonito que has hecho, Co! Gracias!!!

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Ya somos dos chingu boeur, por el OST de A milllonaire First Love, descubrí a DBSK y el resto ya es hiistoria, 9 años en el kpop, y 6 por acá.......increíble, mi mp3 sin osts no vive..... Muchas gracias chingu Kahoko, ya están bajando. Voy a tener una Super Carpeta de OST gracias a tu recoilación, y lo mejor es que elegiste 2015 y 2016, que no tengo nada de estos años. !! :love: :happy:

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Esto es lo mío, de hecho mi canal de xacuasia está dedicado más que nada a los ost con imágenes XDXDXD
Un gran recopilatorio que ya me estoy bajando para cargar mi móvil jejeje porque así tengo lo mejor, de tanto tiempo, de una vez. Aunque a mi me falta el tema de Healer (Eternal Love) - Michael Learns To Rock en el recopilatorio, que me encanta y todavía lo escucho con mucho cariño.
Lo que esta claro que habrá sido muy, pero que muy difícil, elegir cual poner y cual no XDXDXD

10-03-2016, 15:17:01
Sí, hay muchas que quedaron afuera ;_;, y traté de poner otras en su lugar para que las escucharan. Me hubiera gustado poner más por año, pero quería hacer 13 :lol:.

¡Gracias por pasar chinguyos!

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Eso está claro y el trabajo que lleva hacerlo y pensarlo y elegir. Las horas que habrás invertido en eso chingu. Muy agradecida Kahoko por todo el trabajón. Es que yo ando loca con ese temita, no era por poner pegas, ni se me ocurriría.

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Una de las cosas que más identifica un serie, el OST, grandiosa recopilación y para quedar más recompensada... muchas series buenas de antaño a escuchar se ha dicho.... Mil gracias :bounce:

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Kahoko mil gracias, un gran y maravilloso trabajo. A llenarse el espíritu de todo este material. Gran recopilación. :nod::wave:

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No les dieron ganas de volver a ver las series por culpa de estos osts ? a mí sí !!!.:happy: Anoche los escuchaba y trataba de adivinar el nombre de la serie....

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Una recopilación completísima. ¡Muchisimas gracias kahoko!

Hay unas cuantas que no he visto pero me gustará escucharlas igualmente. :happy::happy:

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kahlan1 Síiiiiii totalmente!!! Cada vez que suena una canción y la reconozco sonrío como una tonta, jejeje :mrgreen:

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